Lady Gaga Is Naked (Again) In New ‘ARTPOP’ Photo

Her Twitter bio reads, “This interface has been shutdown temporarily.” However, Lady Gaga shows that she’s operating at full speed for her fourth studio effort ARTPOP. The latest proof: a new promo shot, in which she only wears booties and futuristic frames.

Mother Monster wears more in this new photo than in other recent appearances. In a V shoot by Inez & Vinooth, she places her hands directly over her breasts and vagina. In her first ARTPOP photo, she appears to only be wearing an oblong face mask. In her new photo Gaga crosses her arms and legs strategically, yet the nudity itself pales in comparison to her props: an armchair of what appears to be motherboards, computer chips and hard drive disks; plus frames with wires that extend to Gaga’s temples and hair.

What could this all have to do with ARTPOP? We hope to find out soon, preferably when Lady Gaga debuts her new single at this year’s MTV VMAs. For now, check out the entire shot after the jump.

Lana Del Rey Announces Short Film ‘Tropico’ With Albino Model Shaun Ross

Snake Charmer

Lana Del Rey holds a reputation for selecting notable video co-stars, from tattooed model Bradley Soileau (“Born to Die”) to rapper A$AP Rocky as JFK (“National Anthem”) and actress Jaime King as a lesbian lover (“Summertime Sadness”). Del Rey’s new short film, Tropico, is no different.

Shaun Ross, known as the first albino male model, will appear alongside the femme fatale in the Rick Rubin-produced film. Discovered at age 16, Ross went on to dance in Beyonce‘s “Party” video and appear in Katy Perry‘s “E.T.” visual; in the latter, Perry finds and kisses Ross at a landfill, to free him of his rusty spacesuit-inspired exterior.

According to the vintage horror film-inspired poster (see: 1954′s Creature From The Black Lagoon), Tropico will unfold to three of Del Rey’s songs: “Body Electric,” “Gods and Monsters” and “Bel Air.” Premiere dates for the 30-minute “tale of redemption” are to come; for now, check out the Tropico poster after the jump.

Smoky Quartz Jewelry Adds Sparkle to your Fashion Style

Citrine and Quartz Jewelry Adds Sparkle and Style

As the seasons change, so do our fashion styles. This time of year, we often look to fashion week and awards shows for inspiration on how to transition wardrobes. We love how the dramatic dresses and haute couture collections update our looks, but why should the clothes get all the attention? The perfect jewelry can create such a whole new look, and so easily too. This is especially true if the Quartz Jewelry and Citrine Jewelry that’s handmade by modern designers.

Quartz Jewelry ranges in many sizes and textures to allow endless styling possibilities. A designer piece using quartz gemstones makes a show stopping statement. The different hues add another exciting twist from Smoky Quartz Jewelry that evokes allure, to red and Green Jade Quartz that burst with color. Special designers create Handmade Quartz Jewelry from these rare gemstones and we feature them all on which offers a unique shopping experience.

Citrine Jewelry is another option for those who favor sunny hued Gemstone Jewelry. Known as the November birthstone, citrine creates a natural glow around the face that can seldom be accomplished with cosmetics and clothing. And because Citrine Gemstone Jewelry flatters multiple skin tones, it can be worn by anyone who wishes to experiment with their Designer Jewelry routine.
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10 favorite wallpapers

Our Brooklyn apartment hunt is slowing down (since apparently most people don’t list their apartments before the holidays), but I’ve still been daydreaming about decorating! Wouldn’t it be lovely to wallpaper just one wall in a bedroom or living room? Here are ten beautiful ones…

1. Paris. 2. Forest3. Blue feathers4. London gents5. Grey waves6. Sailboats7. Bookcase8. Owls9. Morning in Manhattan10. Animals

Aren’t these pretty? Which do you like best?

P.S. Remember Hudson’s tiny nursery?

(Top photo features wallpaper by Josef Frank from Lisa Grue’s home. Graphic design elements by Rachel for Cup of Jo)